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A unique, innovative technique, selectively carving through layers of pure glass colour on the inside of the form. A thick sumptuous casing of crystal glass forms an optical lens focusing on and magnifying the detailed carving in high relief.  Vibrant shifts of colour are encapsulated amidst the three dimensional imagery as sparkling light is captured within the form. Logic suggests that conventional glass cameos are subdued and opalescent with a matt surface. In contrast, intrinsic cameo exploits unique glass qualities of transparency and translucency to create carved cameos, which are colourful, glossy and extremely ‘glassy’.


web graal gather_0.jpg

Highly skilled and unique art glass forms. An ancient technique, The Holy Grail of glassmaking, extremely challenging with spectacular results. 

The Gräal technique fuses my fascination with blending hot studio techniques and hand carved surface layers. The carved embryo is cased in molten glass & the challenge is to coax the glass into shape, allowing the temperature of the newly gathered layers to fuse and encapsulate the form before losing control. The viewer is drawn into magnified facets and focused on the detailed carved surface suggesting a frozen moment in time.


Traditional, English Cameo Glass cup casing techniques, plus highly complex core overlays, sterling silver & hand applied enamels deliver multiple stratum of pure colour both on the inside & outside of the glass vessel. I divide the narrative by carving imagery on both the internal & exterior surfaces of the crystal form. By incorporating 24ct gold leaf between the colour layers, I endeavour to redirect attention from the inner to the outer carved layers, as the light source & angle of viewing alternates. The hand carved surface qualities are lustrous & tactile, enticing the viewer to touch, caress & engage with the vessel.

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