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The Warren Cup Inspired

Created in the first century AD, a very important and significant masterpiece of Greco-Roman art, decorated in relief with male figures. Crafted from silver with a little copper and small traces of gold and lead.

The cup was purchased by the British Museum in 1999 for 1.8 million, the most expensive single purchase by the museum at the time.


In 2015 we were commissioned to create a version of the Warren Cup, inspired by the original and we were very privileged to be granted a private viewing of the Cup at the British Museum.

For a number of reasons, we were not able to complete a final version, but we did produce one or two unique 'trials'.

Amy created the detailed drawings and Jonathan carved the pieces.

Both have been in our archive for a few years and we have now decided to offer these two very special pieces to our collectors. Just one more opportunity to add something very unique to your collection!


Created using steel grey and sterling silver leaf.

This piece employed a completely new and 'one off' process that we developed to try and capture the surface qualities of the original version.

We made the blank and gilded the surface in multiple layers of sterling silver leaf. We then applied Amy's drawings to an enamel layer and fused this to the chalice by reheating and high firing the piece in the glory hole. This created a wonderful tactile and 'ancient' quality to the surface.


Warren Cup inspired Chalic

Only 1 left in stock
  • Height- 18.50cm

    Width- 17cm

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