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Florabunda Intrinsic Cameo  Unique 'one of one' 2020 

Compact but extremely detailed little intrinsic cameo vase with multiple colour overlays on the core which have been sandcarved & engraved.


Intrinsic glass cameo explores the unique glass qualities of translucent colour to create vibrant colourful & ‘glassy’ sculptural vessels. Jonathan carves through multiple transparent overlayed colour layers on the inside of the form. A generous cased glass layer forms an optical lens magnifying the detailed carving within. The designs can be ‘felt’ in high relief & fine detail on the satin-finished inner surface of the vase, while the outer surface is smooth & glossy.


Unique. Hand-carved by Jonathan from an original design created in collaboration with Alison & Amy 2020. Please message me for further details.

Florabunda Intrinsic Cameo Vase

  • Height- 16cm

    Width- 13.5cm


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