Olive & Amber Treescape 25cm tall x 17.5cm diameter. 2020


Fundamentally different from tradition cameo glass, Intrinsic cameo is a pioneering technique developed at our small studios in Ironbridge Shropshire by Jonathan Harris & his artisan glassmakers. Using only the finest raw materials & skilled craftsmen each ‘blank’ is created with up to three luscious transparent hot glass colours, skilfully overlaid one on top of the other plus a further thick sumptuous layer of crystal glass.  Each vessel is ‘free formed’ & blown without the use of molds. Entirely handmade & finished on the ‘pontil’, every piece is individual & will include slight variations in form, scale & colour density.

Taking Many, many hours to create, each design is individually hand carved exclusively by Jonathan Harris using bespoke tools & a contemporary mix of ‘sand carving’ & diamond drill engraving to selectively ‘cut’ the design through layers of pure transparent glass colour creating a tactile design in high relief on the inside of the piece.  

The outer crystal layer is an optical lens around the core of colours focusing on and magnifying the detailed carving on the inner layers. This captures the light within the form & three-dimensional imagery which Intrinsic cameo exploits with the unique glass qualities of transparency and translucency to create unique hand carved cameos which are colourful, glossy and extremely ‘glassy’ 

No two pieces will ever be identical, each will have a unique blend of decoration & colour displaying individual characteristics & bear the signature of the cameo artist responsible for its creation.

Olive & Amber treescape short video.