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30th Nov
National Gallery Commission AKSELI-KALLELA ‘LAKE KEITELE’

National Gallery Commission AKSELI-KALLELA ‘LAKE KEITELE’


09 January 2004



National Gallery Commission

01 July 2003

Two very important and exciting projects that we are currently working on with The National Gallery. We have been commissioned to design and produce a small collection based on Claude Monet’s famed ‘The Water-lily Pond’, 1899 and Akseli-Kallela ‘Lake Keitele’, 1905. The ‘trials’ to date, I have to say are quite stunning and bear a very close resemblance to the paintings even though you could not choose two more diametrically opposed mediums to work in harmony. These collections will be launched in the spring and to commemorate the prestige and significance of these designs, a special limited edition piece will be exclusive to our club members’ so watch this space!

Another innovative design depicting this delightful painting, and The National Galleries most popular selling print. Dramatic colour combinations of opal white, silver, silver blue, aubergine and silver leaf, create this stunning landscape and lake against the twilight.

Kallea group