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24th Feb
Collaboration with Richard Golding

Collaboration with Richard Golding


Dear Collector,

Please find the details of the first three pieces made during my collaboration with master glassmaker Richard Golding.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces we ask that you email; & with your request.

The 3 pieces from the first collaboration are now finished, signed and are being made available to Friends of Station Glass and Jonathan Harris Collectors. We have attached photos to this email and more are on our website under the "What`s on at the Station - Memories page"

We have talked to a few Friends and to Jonathan and Alison about the fairest way of selling these 3 very special pieces.

Priority will be given to Friend`s/Collectors who came along to the Collaboration. If any piece isn`t "nabbed" they will then be made available to other Friend`s/Collectors. If more than one person wants  a particular piece names will be put in a hat and we`ll draw out the lucky future owner.

Piece number one
: Lampworked and Intrinsic Cameo Vase (the first piece made)

An emerald and manganese purple intrinsic cameo background carved inside with a dawn chorus of garden birds perched on and hidden between flowers and foliage. Gold leaf, chips and lampworked flora and fauna create a vibrant and crisp foreground.

Size approximately

Price : £1200


Piece number two : Footed Vase

A soft pale opal white background with lilac clematis flower shards carved with indigo and gold amethyst atop random trails and lampworked flora and fauna details. Subtle internal carving completes the piece beautifully.

Size approximately

Price : £650


Piece number three : Gräal Vase

A silver gräal core decorated with leaping hares cased with clear glass with fine lampworked foliage detail.

Size approximately

Price : £400




If you came along to the Collaboration and are interested in buying any of these pieces please send us an email before 21st May and include the following information :


Address :
Piece/Pieces you are interested in:

If you weren`t able to join us at the Collaboration
please let us know if you`d like us to email you after the 21st May to let you know if any pieces are still available.




"Jonathan Harris ( and Richard ( will be collaborating at the Station on Saturday 12th March to produce a couple of unique pieces that will incorporate the different skills of both artists. . This is the first in a series of events at the Station where Richard will invite the very best glassmakers working today to come and "play" at the Station.

Jonathan specialises in the ancient art of cameo and graal where the surface of the glass is carved through layers of colour to reveal an intricate design in outstanding detail. Richard is renowned for his designs and use of colour, iridescence and surface detail. Fusing these skills together promises to produce some amazing results as they show what can be done when two craftsmen come together to push back the boundaries of glassmaking.

Jonathan and Richard have worked together in the past whilst Okra Glass was a part of the Moorcroft Group. The collaboration in March  will be the first time they have made glass together this century. It promises to be fun."