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What Our Collectors Say

Jonathan & Alison Harris

A few words from members of our Collectors Club...

Stephen & Pat - Cheshire

"Often his work encompasses art from outside of the world of glass. These include natural history, pieces inspired from other works of art and great civilisations from around the world.

In our opinion his Cameo and Graal works are world class and very reasonably priced when you consider the amount of work involved in their production

We have attended his collector’s days on a number of occasions. Jonathan and Alison make everyone welcome. They make a great team and always have time for a chat and we are amazed that they remember their customers and greet us as friends.

At each meeting the work has moved on with Interior and Exterior carved Cameo, Reheat Cameo, Cased Cameo, Graal, cased glass, studio pieces and paperweights. We always find it very difficult to choose what to take home from the array of beautiful pieces."


Jan & Trev - Kent

"Somebody once said that Jonathan Harris takes Dartington glass and turns it into exquisite works of art.  He achieves this through many processes starting with hand blowing of the molten glass into a variety of shapes, known as blanks and then adding layers of colours, powders, trails and precious metals. 

Many of these vases, bowls and scent bottles "to be" commence life as dull, silvery shapes with little to attract but, as Jonathan carves away layers of silver leaf, gold leaf and coloured glasses, the miracle begins.  Suddenly, as if by magic, a myriad of vibrant hews shine through, revealing and adorning spectacular birds, animals, fish, plants and, of course, bugs in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes, you really have to look hard, almost search, for the hidden flora and fauna that abound within his creations but have no doubt that they are there, waiting to be discovered by those who truly admire his work. 

We have been collectors for many years now and value the friendship of Alison, Jonathan and the rest of their team.  Not only are our shelves decorated with his works of art but our hearts have been enriched through his handicraft.  Last year, we were most fortunate to have had a commission produced by him to mark our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Whilst all of the items in our collection are treasured, this special vase is prized above all others because it was created just for us."


Tony and Ann - Wirral

“We have been collectors of Jonathan’s amazing designs in glass for a number of years and can truly say that each piece gives us infinite pleasure.  We have seen Jonathan’s technique develop over the years as he has ventured into new areas of the glassmaker’s art and we can only marvel at his creativity working in such a tricky medium.

The Open Days are a wonderful opportunity to meet Alison, Jonathan and their team, as well as fellow collectors.  It is all very friendly – like minds together, enjoying and admiring the next generation of Jonathan’s work.  We leave home saying to ourselves that we do not need any more glassware but each time we succumb to purchasing another item which is quite different from those we already own. 

Those people placing an order for a particular piece not immediately available need to be aware that there can be a long waiting period for it to be completed; such is the demand for Jonathan’s work.  We can assure you that you will never be disappointed once it arrives.

Without doubt, Jonathan is an imaginative and creative British designer in the forefront of glass technology who is constantly pushing the boundaries, and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to own some of his pieces and watch his career develop. “


Charles Hadjamack - Collector -International glass lecturer & author

“In the last forty years the Harris name has become synonymous with skilful and artistic glassmaking. The late Michael Harris was the first British studio glassmaker to work abroad, setting up studios in Malta and Gozo, followed by a new studio on the Isle of Wight, where his sons Timothy and Jonathan learnt their skills. Tim continues to reinvent new designs and products on the Isle of Wight while Jonathan has turned to cameo glass for his inspiration. His stunning cameo vases, bowls and scent bottles, with their wealth of imagery drawn from the natural world, have added a new chapter to the success that is the Harris glass story.

The cameo glass of Jonathan Harris can trace its pedigree back to the beginnings of the cameo glass tradition started in the Roman Empire two thousand years ago, and rediscovered by the great geniuses of cameo glass in the Victorian period including John Northwood I and George Woodall in Britain and Emile Gallé in France. Jonathan’s modern day masterpieces, with their innovative mix of cameo, graal and silver and gold leaf foil, are worthy successors already taking their places in top museums and private collections around the world.”


Christopher Woodall Perry – Great-great Grandson of George Woodall

"Jonathan Harris is the United Kingdom's leading exponent of gold and silver leaf in the process of cameo production, and in the manufacture of Gräal pieces. His designs use state of the art technology to carve inner and outer layers of delicacy and finesse.

Jonathan's ground-breaking design and glassmaking studio and visitor centre at the historic Coalport China Museum now produces both limited and open-ended editions of studio glass that will be enjoyed by many generations to come."


David Shaw - Shropshire.

"Jonathan is an artist of his time. A master craftsman constantly seeking to extend the boundaries of his chosen medium whose work possesses a timeless quality of design that many aspire to but so few achieve."


Philip Duplock - Kent

"Jonathan works with all the vitality and passion of art glass for which he is justly renowned. His company is an independent fledgling taking its first step on a path to achieving the dream of excellence in art glass techniques and design."



[5 stars] 03/02/2011


Very pleased with our purchase.The design is beautiful and the craftmanship amazing.

I'm sure we would be happy to purchase further items in the future so we'll keep looking at your website.

J&H Ewens