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Watergarden Paperweight

Watergarden Paperweight

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Watergarden Paperweight

(code:WA 9 Marine Round glass paperweight)

WA 9 Marine Round glass paperweight. Each item is skillfully decorated with our very own hand made millifleur. Watergarden portrays an aquatic seascape – a rich marine blue core forms the backdrop for the vibrant and dramatic myriad of colour, straps, trails and 24ct gold leaf. The detailed millifleur nestles amongst foaming opal white, gold ruby, amber and turquoise enamel evoking an underwater world with sea anemone and warm currents drifting around the form. Every aspect of the ‘hot’ surface decoration is applied entirely by hand before the shape is formed. 

No two pieces of Watergarden will ever be the same and is therefore unique.

Each piece is signed, dated & gift boxed.