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Silver Ariel amphora vase

Silver Ariel amphora vase
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Silver Ariel amphora vase

(code:Silver Graal Ariel amphora glass vase)

Sterling silver cased Graal or Ariel amphora vase. Aquamarine blue core with multiple layers of sterling silver leaf on two different layers within the structure of the glass. 24cm tall x 12cm diameter.

This is a unique vase.  One of our early experiments with the notorious Ariel technique - a close cousin of the Graal process. We deeply carve the surface of the embryo so that when we reheat the vessel prior to plunging it back into the furnace of molten glass we intential trap air between the layers of hot glass. The resulting air bubles them become an inherent part of the design. This is a challenginf process & rather unpredictable. But I am very happy with this early example.  The array of bubbles are rather jewel like!