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Graal Aqua Spiral ferns

Graal  Aqua Spiral ferns

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Graal Aqua Spiral ferns

(code:Graal Aqua spiral ferns with butterfly)

8 layers of clear and coloured glass form the structure and a new twist on the gräal technique. A copper blue core is twice cased with clear glass before applying 23ct gold leaf and a chip mix of undulating trails. More clear glass is followed with layers of cobalt enamel before being ‘hot’ gilded with multiple layers of sterling silver leaf covering the entire surface. The simple gräal embryo form is then annealed for the first time.  Once cool the silver encapsulated blank is carved with fine sand-carving and diamond point drills to remove the unwanted enamel and silver from the surface creating the design in sharp relief. Next the embryo must be warmed and gently brought up in temperature ready to be re fused back to the blowing iron.  Once fire polished the piece is ready for the final layers of clear glass which will encapsulate all of the layers of carved detail. The carved and cased silver detail over enamel and gold leaf form an intriguing three dimensional jewel like quality reinvigorating my fascination with the qualities of multiple cased layers of clear glass.