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Asprey of London

Asprey of London first commissioned Jonathan to produce a small limited edition of Intrinsic Cameo vases featuring the seahorse motif which was a theme running through their collections. The vases are now exclusively available from Asprey London & New York.

Jonathan Harris hand carved Intrinsic Cameo Seahorse vases.  The scale of the pieces has steadily increased & now ranges from 6" tall the way up to 22" tall! All exclusive to Asprey, London & New York.

The design is hand carved using diamond point drills and contemporary carving techniques to create a tactile cameo in fine detail and relief. Jonathan has developed innovative carving techniques selectively carving through multiple layers of pure colour on the inside of the vessel. Copper blue and indigo glass colour is double overlaid on the inside of the piece before a thick & sumptuous casing of crystal glass is gathered encapsulating the colour. This forms an optical lens focusing on and magnifying the detailed carving in high relief to the inside of the vessel. Vibrant shifts of colour are encapsulated amidst the three dimensional imagery as sparkling light is captured within the form. Logic suggests that conventional glass cameos are subdued and opalescent with a matt surface. In contrast, intrinsic cameo exploits the unique glass qualities of transparency and translucency to create carved cameos which are colourful, glossy and extremely ‘glassy’. No two pieces are ever the same - Each piece is unique in form, design and colour and takes many hours to complete. Jonathan has signed and numbered each piece in the edition ensuring authenticity and exclusivity.


New & exclusive to Asprey 'Four Seasons' Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

Exclusively availavle in thier flagship London store from September from 2012. 

The collection will be available from all Asprey stores worldwide from Summer 2013.



New Designs just produced - now on display October 2011